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Hey! I was sorted into Slytherin, and the reason I was sorted into this house was because I am cunning, sly, and extremely ambitious. The sorting hat took at least 10-15 seconds to sort me into my house. My favorite classes are transfiguration, potions, and charms. I'm a pureblood and it hasn't affected me at all because I'm still amazing! My greatest strength is my wit and humor, and my greatest weakness is the love I give to people or receive from people. After school I am looking forward to becoming Minister of Magic. To me the most fascinating area of magic is transfiguration, because I find it interesting how you can change someone into something completely different is fascinating to me. I would definitely use my magic to further my own ends. If I'm being completely honest with myself I want to be happy with life, with myself, and with my future. I have 4 dogs names Delta, Dakota, Apollo, and Vegas. Delta and Dakota are twin huskies, Dakota he is meaner than the others and Delta she is the nicest out of them all and they both represent both sides of my personality. Apollo is a Great Dane and he is extremely energetic and is full of zest. Vegas is a Belgian Malinois the most chill and relaxed, she is also extremely soft. An oddity about me is that I think about something or of a picture or a person, and having that specific thing I thought of happen to that person or thing, or seeing that picture later. And that is something about me. Bye!
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