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Yo, last year here. As you can see, I'm a Slytherin, and proud I'd like to add. It took nothing to the Sorting Hat to understand I am.
For all that matter, I'm a pureblood; despite this, I know a bunch of things about muggle culture, overall muggle music; that's good shit, man. By the way, my blood status gave me the chance to remain safe throughout the Dark Lord rise, but my family support was never for him, on the contrary, we managed to hide some other families, muggle-born ones, and to save them. That's how I learned about muggle culture.
My favorite subject's charms, but if there's a subject I couldn't live with is flying. Also, I find potions quite fascinating: isn't drinking something and becoming someone else, or being famous or having all the luck in the world amazing? There is no need to answer.
Is there a subject I don't like, you ask; well, Merlin only knows why I study Arithmancy, I HATE it, but my parents are so enthusiastic about it that I just can't drop it...
So, this is last year... what am I going to do? Hold on to something, babe: I'm going to be a Spell Researcher. I'll have to study (a lot) all over the world, but I've always wanted to be one, and since (thanks to the stereotype) I don't have dreams, I only have ambitions, I'm 100% sure I'll become one. But, let's admit it: Spell Researcher is the best job you could ask for; you discover all the ancients spells, you create your own, you modify others... it's amazing! can you imagine creating a spell every time there's something you don't like in your life? For example, that kind, wonderful, merciful (and a bit lazy) man that didn't like to get up and take the things he needed, invented the spell "Accio"!
Well, since I have already spilled more information than I should have, this is the end. Keep your so funny and sarcastic joke ("thanks, Merlin, she finished!") for your childish self.
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