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I was sorted into slytherin house in my first year at hogwarts. The sorting hat took forever to decide but ultimately decided that I was better in slytherin because of my ambition and resourcefulness. My favorite class at hogwarts is care of magical creatures. I love learning about the animals and Hagrid is the best professor. My least favorite class has to be history of magic. I hate taking notes and professor Binns is a bore. I did well in charms, but I didn't really like memorizing all the different spells. I'm a proud pureblood wizard. My family is respected in the wizarding world. My family supported the dark lord for many years. Of course, they'd never admit to that. They were one of the only families to not be put into azkaban after he was defeated.

After I finish school, I'd like to become a writer. I wish to write for a paper other than the daily prophet as it's bolagna anyways.

I have the cutest owl named Caramel. She's quiet and always delivers quick and correctly.

My family and I have disagreed on many matters. My sister is perfect and I'm average. I want to please my parents I just can't ever seem to do it. They enjoy watching me play quiditch though. They've told me I'm above average.
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