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The sorting hat placed me into the Slytherin house due my determination to suceed and my cunning personality. The decision the Sorting Hat made was an immediate decision because it was clearly obvious. I love taking potions class and Defense Against the Dark Arts class. I do not, however, enjoy herbology that much, surprisingly, seeing as it is my second best class. I am a half-blood, which hasn't had much of an effect on my relationships with the other students. My greatest strength would have to be my ability to fight through anything to reach my goal, but my weakness is probably the fact that I tend to become a bit stubborn towards others and have anger problems. After I've finished school I plan to adventure for a bit before settling down with a family and possibly even becoming a hogwarts professor myself. I believe the different creatures that lurk among us are quite fascinating. I use my magic whenever I need to use my magic, rather that be fighting off an evil creature, saving myself, or helping out a dear family member or friend. Being honest, I truly just want to win the trust of my fellow students, seeing as the other houses don't trust the Slytherins too much. At school I have a white persian cat named Sailazan, after my great great grandfather. At home I have a pet dragon named Renning, who belonged to my godfather before he died in a battle against a dark spirit. My father I a wizard and a honorary graduate if Hogwarts. He met my mother in the robe shop during his 4th year, where she was helping her younger sister shop for her first year. My mom was born with a muggle family, so it was odd that my aunt was a witch. My family had all been Slytherins, including my aunt, but I am more like my mother than any of the others.
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