Cleo Basil


proud slytherin, potions & herbology enthusiast, bookworm and lover of the moon.

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My full name is Cleo Anastasia Basil. My father always said that it was a name fit for a Hufflepuff, but as the top of his class in Slytherin, he knew that wouldn't turn out true. I grew up in a large home in Dublin, Ireland. My family had more money than we needed, but my father stayed modest, working hard in the Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes. I didn't hear much about my mum growing up; All I knew then was that she left when I was three and my father didn't like talking about her. The summer before I turned eleven, my father sat me down and told me the truth about her. She hadn't left to travel the world, like my family had told me; She had been seduced by Voldemort and wore her Dark Mark proudly. She had tainted the Basil family name, which is why my father kept me away from other magical children growing up. He didn't want me to go to Hogwarts and gain her reputation. I told him I wouldn't let that happen, and I stand true to my word. As far as I'm concerned, Elizabeth Basil is not my mother.
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