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Born in 2004
She was one of Salazar Slytherin's descendants. her father died because of a sickness and it greatly saddened her mother who was greatly weakned while giving birth to Selene. after she gave birth to Selene she died and Selene was given to her aunt to take care of her

Selene lived a happy life with her kind aunt until her aunt married a mean man who hated Selene and will be happy to make her miserable everytime her aunt is not in the house. When Selene was seven year old she showed signs of magic when she accidentally made the car with her uncle in it fly which made him hate her even more. Soon Selene turned 11 but her aunt and uncle decided not to celebrate it (because of her uncle) but got her Hogwarts letter when she was about to show it to her aunt her uncle got it and read it and was about to tear it but luckily her aunt was there and got the letter and read it when she's done reading it her aunt allows her to go to Hogwarts but her uncle disapproves but her aunt gave him a deadly stare and the uncle decided to give in and Selene went to Hogwarts after a few days and bought a wand (Rowan, Phoenix feather, 10 3/4) and an owl named Erised (a snowy owl that was smart and kind to Selene but aggressive to other people)

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