Head Auror of RMC

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Wand:Elder and Yew wood, Thunderbird core
Patronus: Panther
Boggart: Pyre
Pet:Black Mamba
Element: Water/Ice
Season: Winter

Born in Russia in 1564, I was considered a son of the Devil because of my white hair. Growing up I did not have many basic needs met. When I was 4 years old my accidental magic appeared and I vanished from my village. I still do not know where I appeared only that it was a forest. Every day I travelled towards the sun and slowly my natural instincts and survival skills grew until they were as good as they could get. My life changed when I was hunting in the winter, as I was tracking a caribou I felt another magical presence near by appear out of nowhere. This man was named Aleksander Zima. He had felt my magical signature when he was in a nearby village and got curious. After introducing himself, he convinced me to come home with him. After arriving and explaining me to his wife, Vasilisa, I was adopted by the couple. They had been wanting a child for years, so I was viewed as blessing and they used Old Magick to make it so I was their biological son. When I turned 10 a letter arrived from Durmstrang, requesting my attendance. Thus, I attended Durmstrang till I was 18, where I excelled at every class. After graduating, I had every choice where careers were concerned. Following my father, I became an auror, where I worked for 4 years before the President of Russia's Magical Government decided to promote me to Director of Russia's Magical Security. I have been working there ever since and still love my job.
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